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Web Hosting Services:
7 Reasons Your Business Needs One

Benefits of hosting service

According to an article in The Telegraph, cybercrime is costing UK businesses L34 billion every year, and it is statistics like this that are prompting more and more businesses rely on professionals to look after their security needs; and who can blame them.

One of the options that many businesses are using to keep them safe, is that of a hosting service. This is an excellent way to incorporate another level of security for businesses, and comes with other advantages too. Here we will look at the benefits of a hosting service above and beyond that of 24 hour website security monitoring.

Web services illustration
In order for your business to reach international audience online,
you need services of a web hosting company. (Image:


The real reason that businesses should be using web hosting is that of reliability. If your business was in the high street and the high street flooded, you would lose all of your trade while the water subsided. If your business relies on the internet and your website goes down, you lose all of your trade until the problem is fixed. Your web host should be able to keep your internet presence uptime to around 99.99%, and that is the kind of reliability that is worthy of investment.


You may be able to design your website on a budget, but it is unlikely you will be able to build a server and the other hardware required to get your website online. There is a high level of investment involved in buying the equipment you will need, and paying for the personal needed to run and maintain it is a cost that will never end. The cost savings involved in using a web host service can be considerable, and benefit to any business.


A bug on computer keyboard's 'enter' key
Good web hosting service should protect your site against security bugs
Your business website will have 24/7 support from professionals who will talk to you over the phone or chat with you online. However, this service can vary between companies, so make sure your hosting service has the trained staff you will need to keep your website online, and check out any comments you can find about their support.


Most host services will have enough plans for them to be flexible about the RAM, Storage, and bandwidth they can offer, and you will easily find a plan that will meet your particular needs. Some web hosting companies have plans that start at as little as $3.98 a month, have no contract to tie you in, and allow you to upgrade at any point; that is the kind of flexibility you need for your business.


Depending on your choice of hosting service, you may be using cloud hosting, which often has no limits (though you really need to read the small print), which means that as you grow your needs are already taken care of. However, even plans that are limited can be used with tremendous efficiency. Seasonal businesses benefit greatly from the scalability offered, especially as they can use hosts where they only pay for the service they use, and nothing more. Of course, if you consistently need the extra space or bandwidth, any provider is sure to allow you to scale up to your needs.


A good web hosting company will have the latest equipment, and access to all the latest software too. No longer do you need to be upgrading your servers or the software needed by your system. This is another cost saving, and will mean your business is always at cutting edge of technology.

Data Backup

Many businesses that work online have data that is vital for the running of their company, which, if lost, could have a devastating effect on them. The online storage that comes with many packages allows web host customers the security of knowing their data is safely stored, and can be accessed at any time.

Using a web hosting service will, undoubtedly, give you that extra layer of security for your website and business, but, as you can see, the benefits don’t stop there.

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